Dünsbach 2018

This year's tournament was a blast and it's safe to say we're still reeling from it.

Our team assembled in Dünsbach, home of the headless horseman (who made an appearance in the late stages of the tournament), by sea, air, and even by bike, and with seering heat throughout the weekend it got harder from there!

The final game, our only win of the tournament, had a number of Republicans limping and even more sidelined. And yet, we wouldn't have changed it for the world!

We'd been something of a Frankenstine XI from the onset, with our mixed Republica team including sunday regulars alongside veterans, two generations of the Kent family, a couple of loanees (notably ones called Joe - Joanees?) from Easton, Pablo: Republica's one-man Latin American branch, and our goalkeeper, Harry: a 14-year-old wonderkid from nearby Stuttgart.

A celebration of socialism in a beautiful non-league ground (think a landscapey conference north), for Republica the tournament was a carnival of late goals, last-ditch penalties, thunderstorms and discos. Massive thanks to all involved in organising the tournament - we'll see you next time! x