Our Constitution

Our Club recognises and supports the values of Socialism, and is commited to the promotion of Socialist ideas and actions. The following principles govern the Club’s journey;

  • The club will not tolerate sexist, racist, homophobic, prejudicial or abusive behaviour by any of its members.
  • The game should be played in a good sporting spirit.
  • Whilst committed to the rigour of hard, physical, competitive sport, players will not behave in an unacceptably aggressive or violent way. 
  • Players should play in the camaraderie spirit of a team, cooperatively advise each other in a positive manner, and never offer purely negative criticism.
  • Players should recognise that the game is played first and foremost for fun!

 There are about 100 teams that play in the Leeds Sunday Leagues, and as far as we are aware, ours is the only team playing under such a Constitution. Our uniqueness is precious and will be defended fiercely!